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Parish Officials
Photo currently being updated Vicar: Rev Lois Musyoka
Contacts: 0721375228
Photo currently being updated Vice Chairman:
Eliud Karanja
Contacts: 0722526881
Vicars Warden: Margret Githara
Contacts: 0720445441
Lay Readers: Mrs Kanjabi
Lay Readers: Chris Malavu-(Retired)
Pianist & choir master

Our Mission
To identify talents , skills , resources and use them to empower the community to grow spiritually,socially, economically and politically to the glory of God.

Our Vision
A stable, Holy spirit filled, vibrant, socio-cohesive church with adequate resources and commitment to the glory of God.
Our strategy


The strategic plan :

It gives me great pleasure to introduce this strategic plan which is the first ever in the parish. The process of producing the same has taken a lot of effort on the part of most of the stake holders. The plan covers a span of five years. I must point out that the realization of this document has taken along period. As a new vicar in the parish I requested the parish council to allow more time so that we would come up with a document that would be translated into reality as the years went on. It is my utmost prayer that this document will be a strategic guide to the parish church council and the   entire Limuru parish community. We trust that the document will not gather dust on the shelf but will serve as hand book for the leadership of the parish.

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The Youth

  • Activities After a shake up in the youth department, it has been a time of transition and reorientation to their youth department and trying to gather ourselves together and move on. The youth department has taken part in various activities over the months of July and august. In July, we were grateful for the support of the vicar and the congregation as we went about with the bake sale every Sunday that helped raise about 25,000. It was a very taxing month but in order to do a few things, we had to undertake this. In August, we had several things planned, some for the diocese others specific to the parish.

    Sports Our football team is very active playing with neighborhood communities. Because they would like to expand their horizon and develop their talents further, on august 20th they took on the Kenya college of Accountancy along Thika road and had a very successful day indeed winning that game 3-0. We hope we can facilitate more games for the football and the volley ball teams.

Limuru Archedeaconery Council- Year 2010

  • 1 . Ven David Nyoro- Archdeacon
    2. Rural dean-  Geoffrey kinyanjui
    3. Rural  dean Samuel Ndichu
    4. Rural Dean- Patrick Gathagu
    5.Rev Onesphore Ngabo
    6. Rev Peter Nyoro
    7. Rev nelson Kiragu
    8. Rev James Njenga
  • 9 . Rev Joseph Ndobobo
    10. Rev Nelly Kariuki
    11. Rev Stephen Ngethe
    12. Rev John Wathome
    13. Mr Evanson Njenga
    14. Mr Paul Ndungu
    15. Mr Joseph Matheri
    16. Mr Nelson Mbugua
  • 17. Mr Paul Ndungu
    18. Mr Geoffrey Ngaruiya
    19. Mr James Karanja
    20. Mr Dickson Ngugi
    21. Pauline Kinuthia
    22. Eunice Mochu
    23. Judy
    24. Victoria Rev Joseph Ndobobo

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