Limuru Girls
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Serving the community

All saints has a special relationship limuru girls,the girls are always welcome to fellowship at the church and they are always warmly received.

 The all saints junior congregation have they service at the sunday school hall where they get to learn and fellowship in their own program

All saints is actively involved in community projects aimed at assisting the needy and less fortunate,through groups such as css
Support the Church Today

  • ActivitiesThe church is undergoing many activities which require resources in terms of finances. Some of the projects include the construction of the new multipurpose hall and css projects. We are thankful for the support so far and we request that you may keep up the good work.
    We have received numerous pledges also and we kindly ask those of you who have done so to honor them soon as they can. We can never give enough because the world asks too much of us, we should also not conclude that what we have is too little to make a difference. Lets give heartily and proudly,the nothing you think you are giving is something to someone else and it makes a difference.

    Get inspired"You get more than you give when you give more than you get"

    For the others offered their gifts from what they had to spare of their riches; but she,poor as she is, gave all she had to live on.
    Luke 21:4

    How to helpTo support our church please talk to the css treasurer Rosemary Githunguri
    Our bank account details are: 01020354423400 ACK All saints Limuru Standard Bank Westlands
    CCS bank account details are: 22738783 All saints Limuru CSS
    Development Committe account details: 475282 All saints Limuru Development


Our School Project
All saints has been successful in supporting and sponsoring less fortunate children of the society by paying their tuition fees.
The following are the children we are currently supporting and by God's grace we hope to support many more in future

  • Support a child in school Kevin nyaga -Wahundura high school Form 2
    Eunice Chepkemoi- Kimlea Girls Technical Center
    George mbugua- kanvale Academy class 8
    John Gachoka- Githiga High school Form 4
    Rose Wanjiru-Tigoni secondary school Form 2
    Samuel chege-Tigoni secondary school Form 2
    Teresiah muthoni- Tigoni secondary school Form 4
    Sarah Muthoni - Tigoni secondary school Form 4

  • Church donating blankets to needy in society


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